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Ethical Product for A Changing Planet - We're Committed to a Healthier Planet

For far too long, the beauty and wellness products industry has been one of the heaviest contributors to single-use non-recyclable packaging and plastic waste. At Naked Blend, we're making a change with our range of sustainable ethical products. At our core, our goal is to R&D and manufacture innovative products that are rooted in sustainability. We're powered by the vision of a better planet for us all - this is a platform for the future. Food can be a force for social good! Let’s open our minds and be inspired by new ideas today. The regenerative power of food culminates in health.

Change Starts With One Step -
Our Sustainability Initiative

Our Sustainable Packaging Guidelines (SPG) ensure that all our brand products are packaged with environmentally-friendly practices. We're also rapidly integrating advanced end-of-life management to ensure that our products are handled sustainably. As part of this initiative, we also require our partner brands to comply with sustainable manufacturing guidelines.

Most companies refer to sustainability as a way to comply with environmental regulations. At Naked Blend, we go beyond the minimum to ensure that sustainability is a constant across our thought process. We're continuously working to find better solutions to make sustainable wellness products. Our passion for improvement drives our efforts to enhance our operational efficiency. We're not settling for simply using recycled packaging and organic ingredients for consumer products.

Our sustainability initiative is deeply rooted in our moral responsibility to create a better planet for everyone. Culture is the most important aspect of the future of food. With culture, we gain knowledge, awareness, and consciousness. From here, it’s a small step to becoming socially responsible - for ourselves, our families, our business, and our communities.

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