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Welcome to your new daily routine

A sustainably sourced diet high in natural nutrients is key

to a healthy future for all of us, and our planet.

Naked Blend was born with the aim of redefining the relationship we have with our health and our world.

With Naked Blend, take your health into your own hands with a modern wellness ritual that supports gut health, glowing skin, and wellbeing.
Can healthy be delicious? At Naked Blend, we make functional food and drinks delectable with our magical alchemy of natural, sustainably sourced ingredients.           

With seamless fusion of functions and flavours, it becomes effortless to incorporate a wellness routine. Inspired by your needs, we only make products to our highest standards of quality, purity and efficacy.           

Our team of highly experienced R&D experts and nutritionists blend science and innovation to curate natural, yet effective products. This means working with clinically proven ingredients responsibly and ethically sourced, rigorously tested multiple times, and formulating with care. The colour, flavour and nutrients of our products come from natural sources. We design safe, shelf-stable foods, with no artificial additives. For instance, we strictly use only natural fruit to extract fruit flavour. We extract high potency vitamins from plants, not animals.

Our key values are Quality, Respect and Responsibility. Innovative technology is an important element of ensuring our solutions are smart, sustainable and regenerative. Our customers access the highest forms of goodness, in a convenient and affordable way, whether it be product, sourcing, delivery, or cost. We respect society and nature by incorporating responsibility into every element. Sustainability is a net positive for us - we make a positive impact on the planet with every business decision made.

Welcome to the Naked Blend family. We are here to support you in your self-care and planet-care, every step of the way.

Vikki, Founder

Build A New Wellness Routine

Naked Blend was born in early 2020

With the aim of redefining the relationship we have with ourselves. Amidst the daily hustle and bustle, are we setting aside time for self-care and self-love? We aim to make wellness routine so effortless, that self-care becomes natural.

May 2020
Naked Blend was founded in May 2020 with the aim to produce an eclectic blend of functional supplements with premium ingredients from all over the world.

We draw on Singapore’s latest R&D manufacturing technology and international cutting-edge scientific data to curate our products and redefine your wellness and beauty-from-within regime.
August 2020
The birth of our first product - Naked Blend original milk tea. Not your average milk tea, our milk tea is made with plant-based milk and thoughtfully selected premium tea blends - pu'er tea, black tea, green tea.

This delicious creamy vegan blend helps you manage your weight healthily and protects you from harmful UV rays. Indeed your best way to start the morning!
February 2021
Our peach detox glow is a vegan functional beverage packed with natural plant prebiotics, fibre, fruit enzymes and antioxidants.

Created to encourage a gentle intestinal flush, peach detox glow cultivates a healthy gut, boosts glowing skin and supports your immune system.

Get peachy today, and experience a lighter body and clearer mind.
August 2021
We launched our first collaboration with Lalalostyou.

Get the most radiant complexion you’ll ever have with our skin booster, a premium blend of natural ingredients in one handy pack.

This potent blend is enriched with science-backed, patented ingredients to fight the effects of environmental aggressors and premature ageing, helping you enhance your beauty effortlessly.
September 2021
Formulated with Korean patented ingredients, our berry enzyme cleanse jelly is innovatively infused with the extracts of 80 fruits and vegetables.

This unique enzyme blend is fermented using a 3-level fermentation process over 1095 days with natural spring water.

Our potent enzyme formulation improves digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as re-energises your body. It supports the body in its natural detoxification process and enhances your well-being, body and skin.
October 2021
Our experience box is a special launch for people who are curious about Naked Blend products. Specially curated to let consumers enjoy the wellness experience we have to offer - Each experience box contains a mix of original milk tea, peach detox glow, berry enzyme jelly and skin booster.
December 2021
Supercharge your day with Naked Blend plant-based matcha low-calorie milk tea. Farmed from an organic pesticide-free garden in Kyoto, these Uji matcha leaves are sweet and vegetal but balanced by a bit of bitterness and that hit of umami.

Matcha pumps you up without the jitters, and at the same time keeps you calm and focused - because it contains both caffeine and L-Theanine.

Perfect as your morning perk-me-up or pre-workout drink, this is the super-drink to take on the day. As if that wasn’t enough, matcha has fat-burning, metabolism-boosting antioxidants called ECGC. Jam-packed with plant-based goodness, matcha milk tea is your weight-management and anti-ageing hero.
May 2022
Our all natural hair strengthening booster is formulated with science-backed patented red pomegranate extract. The patented water extraction technology in the manufacturing process extracts out high efficacy polyphenols, which are tested to have a positive effect on hair and skin health.

This delicious jelly aids in follicle growth, regulates scalp PH levels and maintains healthy hair ends. Enriched with vitamin B6, D, E and Biotin, consume 1-2 sachets a day and you’re one step closer to thicker and healthier hair.
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