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Original Milk Tea


Q1:What is unique about Naked Blend low-calorie diet plant-based milk tea?

 A1: NB milk tea is a plant-based dairy-free diet milk tea, chock-full of antioxidants. It helps one feel full longer, block out unhealthy carbs absorption and protects the skin against harmful free radicals.


 Q2: Is it recommended to consume Naked Blend milk tea before or after food?

 A2: You can consume before/with your meals, especially before/with a carb/sugar/oily laden meal, to block sugar, carbs absorption and fat accumulation. Due to the high tea blend concentrate (pu’er + green tea + black tea), avoid consuming our milk tea on an empty stomach, especially if you are prone to gastric. 

Q3: When is the best time to consume if I want to enjoy the carb blocking effect? 

A3: To enjoy Naked Blend milk tea’s carb blocking benefit, do consume it before or with your meal.

Q4: How many sachets of Naked Blend milk tea can we consume a day?

A4: It is advisable to consume one sachet in the morning with your breakfast and another sachet before/with lunch, for maximum result. Our recommendation is to consume 2 sachets daily for 1 to 2 months to kickstart your wellness plan. For a natural and safe formula, results are progressive and gradual with consistent usage. After you have achieved your ideal weight, you may consume it 2 to 3 times a week as maintenance.

Q5: Instead of breakfast and lunch, can I drink this for lunch and dinner instead? And why?

A5: Yes, you can if you have a good tolerance for caffeine.

Q6: How many calories does one cup of Naked Blend milk tea contain?

A6: 57.5 calories 

Q7: Can we consume Naked Blend milk tea long term?

A7:  If you do not consume it daily, it can be consumed long term for weight and skin maintenance. We recommend consulting your health practitioner should you have any existing chronic health issue.

Q8: Can I consume milk tea when I’m on my period?

A8: Yes, absolutely.

Q9: Can we take other health supplements with milk tea? Eg. calcium/ royal jelly/ fish oil?

A9: Yes, there are no contraindications. Skin Booster can be taken concurrently with other health supplements.

Q10: If I am taking medicine, do I need to wait 30 minutes or an hour before I consume milk tea?

A10: Preferably 1.5 to 2 hours.


Q11: Can breast feeding/ nursing mum consume Naked Blend milk tea?

A11: It is not advisable for nursing mothers to consume. You may consult your practitioner/doctor if you’ll be suitable based on your case. Our milk tea contains caffeine and appetite suppressant - We do not recommend passing the appetite suppressant effect to the baby. Baby is growing and should eat as much as he/she needs to grow well.  


Q12: What is the minimum age to consume NB milk tea?

A12: Milk tea is suitable for consumers 16 years old and above.


Q13: Can I drink Naked Blend milk tea if I am trying to conceive?

A13: It is safe to consume as Naked Blend milk tea is made of all plant-based natural ingredients. It does not affect your chance of conceiving. We do recommend you to stop consuming once you find out you are pregnant, as we do want the carb blocking effect to be passed on to your growing fetus. Your growing fetus should enjoy the maximum nutrients you can offer :)


 Q14: Do we need to stop consuming it after a few months?
A14: If you drink Naked Blend milk tea on a daily basis, it would be advisable to stop for a month after 3 consecutive months of consumption, for maximum results. If you do not drink Naked Blend milk tea daily, you do not have to take a one month break.

Q15: Why do I need to take a one month break after drinking it daily for 3 months?
A15: This is because our body may get acclimatised to it, and would need a break to pick up the effects on our body again. This is not because of anything harmful. Our body is just the way it is, we will tend to get immune to certain things after a while. So taking a short break will be good.

Q16: Is it suitable for people with thyroids, diabetes and high blood pressure?
A16: There is no issue for consumers with the above conditions to consume, but in moderation such as maximum one sachet a day, and do consult your doctor if you’re on long term medication.

Q17: Is there any potential side effect?
A17: There is no known side effect as our milk tea is made using natural and plant-based ingredients. Customers who have certain food allergy or intolerance are recommended to check the full ingredients list to ensure that you are not sensitive to any of our plant-based ingredients.

Q18: Why do I experience increased toilet visits after drinking Naked Blend milk tea?
A18: Increased toilet visits can be attributed to the presence of turmeric and caffeine. Besides being lauded for its natural anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is known to boost gut health and improve digestion. Studies have shown that people who eat food with turmeric have a faster bowel transit time, which in turn means less constipation.

Naked Blend milk tea is made up of 3 types of tea leaves, thus the caffeine level is relatively high. Caffeine helps to stimulate movement of the colonic muscles, thus promoting peristalsis (the coordinated contraction and relaxation of intestinal muscles that causes bowel movements).

Q19: Is this suitable for people with gastric?
A19: Yes, Naked Blend milk tea is suitable for people with gastric. However, we encourage people with gastric to consume milk tea with food. This is because, tea is acidic in nature and milk tea tea blend concentrate is higher than regular instant milk tea/ bubble tea. By drinking Naked Blend milk tea together with food, the proteins and carbs from food can bind with some of the tannins, minimising their ability to irritate your digestive tract.

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