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 Naked Blend product research, development and manufacturing are fully done in Singapore. Our product is manufactured in an ISO and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified factory. 

With 20 years of manufacturing experience, our research and product development team curates delicious plant-charged functional beverages that support one's well-being, body & skin confidence. Our uniquely luscious and safe formula is aimed to blend into and support your wellness journey.


Our beauty and wellness consumables are created to effortlessly blend into and support your wellness journey. We have a range of beverages and supplements for effective weight management, including vegan low-calorie milk teas such as the plant-based Original Milk Tea and Matcha Milk Tea; berry detox jellies such as the Berry Enzyme Cleanse Jelly; detox drinks such as the Peach Detox Glow, and skincare supplements such as the Skin Booster Drink.

We ship internationally, with the orders packed and shipped out within 2 working days. Free delivery is available for all orders above $100 in Singapore.


 A plant-based diet has been touted as the healthier approach to eating, and its benefits extend beyond weight loss. There are growing evidence that plants contain chock-full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammation properties. 

Naked Blend wants our plant-based and lactose intolerant consumers to enjoy the same milk tea indulgence like everyone else.

More importantly, we believe it is possible to reap the benefits of better body image + beautiful skin, and still do a small part for animals and Mother Earth.


✔   Halal

✔   Dairy-Free

✔   Gluten-Free

✔   Keto-Friendly

✔   Vegan-Friendly

✔   Safe for Diabetic

✔   Naturally Derived

✔   Refined Sugar-Free

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